Feb Food Fix Challenge

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

New Year, New You. It's time to get focused on your food and kick start your new year in a healthy way.

Christmas and the new year celebrations have been and gone, yet do you still find yourself eating and drinking too much?

Well, it's time stop and take action. Take part in the Healthquarters Feb Food Fix Challenge and challenge yourself to follow a simple eating plan that has been proven to bring great results.

You will be rewarded for eating well and following basic food guidelines, yet you are also given boundaries for eating outside the plan. The challenge works on a point system. Eat well, drink water, sleep well and exercise = gain points, over consume foods or indulge in too many discretionary foods 'extra's', or poor foods choices = lose points.

It's simple yet effective.

Sign up NOW: https://healthquarters.ptminder.com/store/products/5135

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